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Who We Are

Djool is a trusted Wi-Fi data-sharing market which through our app creates a shortcut that turns on and off WiFi sharing and enables people connection using the Hotspot function of every Smartphone.

Djool solves the problem of distribution of mobile internet access in a global way.

We believe that Smartphones are the best channel and have the largest global capillarity for distribution of WiFi through the hotspot function.


Wi-Fi Sharer

Who's can be
a Djool.

Every person who owns a Smartphone and has a mobile data package hired can be a Djool user and be part of the largest WiFi sharing network in the world.

Why to be
a Djool.

When your monthly mobile data package is not fully utilized, you lose all the amount of excess megabytes, not being able to use the leftovers the next month.

Benefits of to be
a Djool.

Djool creates a collaborative marketplace where people share their surplus WiFi access in exchange for extra cash, Cash Back and Loyalty Program benefits.

Easily allows people to get mobile WiFi access through Djool`s app, meeting a momentary and punctual need for Internet access.

See how easy it is

Download the app and sign up for the collaborative Djool`s WiFi sharing network!

Very simple - you can decide to be a Djool WiFi sharer or a Djool that Searches for WiFi.

Wi-Fi Social

Internet for

With Djool everybody within a range of another sharing Smartphone can have access to WiFi increasing the number of people connected to the internet without any major infrastructures investments, delays or bureaucracy.

Internet access is essential today and will continue being in the future.

Scope and

The scale is global and the differential is expressive due to the fact there are currently more than 3 billion smartphones in the world and can all function as a mobile hotspot for WiFi distribution thus increasing the internet's capillarity and these numbers are only going up.


With the foundations of the new collaborative economy and sharing of things. Djool creates a market where people can generate extra revenue or gain access to the benefits of WiFi all through our app.